National Geographic Sacrificing the Blue Fin Tuna

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National Georgraphic Sacrifices the Blue Fin Tuna

Souless…it is a dismal word. I hate mechanical interviews when there is only ten minutes to interview someone. They are as useless as those cardboard tomatoes being hawked at my local grocery store. I believe in the light. I believe in the sacredness of the human experience. I have a background in Economics, but my soul burns with the desire for food justice. I am not exactly a tree hugger, but sometimes I get fired up! National Geographic has lost it’s soul. The world is a little darker and more grim!

What? What? WHAT!

When Virginia Willis posted on facebook that National Geographic was doing a television series on harvesting the endangered species Blue Fin Tuna, my first reaction was “WHAT?” Actually it was a little more colorful, but my momma says ladies don’t say what I was thinking. You KNOW what I was thinking.

As a little girl, I often cut photos out of magazines to tell stories. If my scissors even came close to the National Geographic, my hands were slapped. National Geographic was off limits. The stacks of those magazines still tower in my Mom’s attic today. Sometimes I steal away up the dusty stairs for a few minutes, flipping through the colorful pages and looking at the world through someone else’s eyes. Breathtaking!

I grew up with a black and white television. When a National Geographic Special came on, it was required watching, ranking right up there with the Jacques Cousteau specials documenting life in our amazing oceans. I am the generation that flicked my Bic when John Denver sang his ode to the ocean adventures of Jacques Cousteau and the ship Calypso. Do you remember?

For though we are strangers in your silent world
To live on the land we must learn from the sea
To be true as the tide and free as a wind swell
Joyful and loving in letting it be

Aye Calypso the places you’ve been to,
the things that you’ve shown us,
the stories you tell
Aye Calypso, I sing to your spirit,
the men who have served you so long and so well

Perhaps you think it odd that a hillbilly girl in a landlocked state was so moved by the images of the oceans, of their mysteries, and of that primal connection to the sea. But even now, the ocean awes me. It moves me….I have transformative moments when Jimmy Buffet sings “Mother Mother Ocean.” My favorite line from the Star Trek movies and from my favorite Martian….I mean Vulcan

Spock: To hunt a species to extinction is not logical.
Dr. Gillian Taylor: Whoever said the human race was logical?

National Geographic? What the @#$%!

Kentucky Chef Jeremy Ashby once commented “Kentucky’s Aquaculture is a way to give the oceans time to catch up.” From the mouths of babes.

And Momma, I apologize for the language…but in this case I think even you can forgive me!

To learn more about the Blue Fin Tuna visit The Monterey Bay Aquarium site and check out Chef Virginia Willis comments at A Deal With the Devil

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