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A Baby Boomer in Appalachia
I’m Running as Fast as I Can in High Heels

There is so much I need to write about, so much has happened, and I am two weeks behind on what should be shared in my “Baby Boomer in Appalachia” memos.

Real Life is what happens while finding time to blog. But, I’m not complaining. My life is blessed and there are so many stories to share!

Today, I am giving you a heads up. I have a lot on my hat…..err mind. Errrrr…pea brain.

Over the next few weeks I promise you the following accounts:

  • Chef Sam Kass a No Show
  • Heirloom Vegetable Garden Updates
  • 3 Menopausal Women, 3 Days in Charleston SC
  • Farmers Market First! Observations
  • Interview with Chef Sean Brock of Husk Restaurant
  • It’s going to take me a few days to get my ducks back in a row, so don’t quack up! In the meantime, stop and smell the flowers!

    Wishing you a Wonderful week! Giggles

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