Looking Forward to Incredible Food Show 2011 #IFS2011

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Pointy Toed High Heel Shoes Heading to Incredible Food Show Lexington

Good Food, Bourbon and Hot Chefs!

On the Road to Lexington

I love my small town life, I do. I am a homebody, and the big city is not something that calls my name very often. But this weekend, it is shouting on the loudspeaker “Joyce, Joyce! Hey you in the red hat!” Giggles

My Appalachian posse the “Pointy Toed Shoes Sisters” are on the road. We are in search of good food, good booze, and hot chefs. I speak the truth…if nothing else.

We’ve got reservations at Table Three Ten a fashionable upscale restaurant suitable to amuse the likes of five menopausal women who have ditched their husbands for the weekend. After dinner we are hoofing it over to Friday Fest. It’s a street party featuring music, local chefs, and bourbon. Maybe we will run into some of the Kentucky Food Bloggers gang, who like us, are in town for the Incredible Food Show.

Kentucky Proud Incredible Food Show

In its third year, the Incredible Food Show is the place to be if you are a Kentucky food writer. Heck, if you are a national food writer! At last year’s show, Chef Ouita Michel declared “Kentucky is the epicenter of the local food movement.” I love that woman!


Giada at Incredible Food Show 2010

As for Saturdays Incredible Food Show it is jam packed with action. There are cooking demonstrations. There are book signings. Tim Laird and crew are filming an episode of “Secrets of the Bluegrass Chefs.” There will be over one hundred vendor booths featuring everything from Goetta to Kentucky Wine to spices aged in bourbon barrels.


Last year, the star attraction was Giada. She’s a cutie…..and just a little slip of a thing. I do believe my ankles are bigger than her tiny little waist. Giggles She put on a very lively show and her quips to our Kentucky Agriculture Commissioner are ones that still make me laugh. Arugula anyone?


This year, drum roll please……the rock star chefs are none other than those bad boys from Season 6 of Bravo’s Top Chef Series…….The Voltaggio Brothers. Yep. They are certainly hot chefs!

Let’s see that about does it….good food, bourbon and hot chefs. I think that is all I can tell you for now.

My editor at the Appalachian News Express likes me to live in misery. I’m not good at keeping secrets.

Excuse me, I need to go polish my pointy toed high heel shoes and
make sure my interview recorder has new batteries. Giggles

Post Script Backstage with The Voltaggio Brothers Volt Ink
Voltaggio Brothers Bryan and Michael The Interview

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