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Friends Drift Inn August 2012 In the Garden with Joyce Pinson and Herbie Deskins!

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The last three weeks have been a blur. Maybe I need new bifocals.

Summertime and the living is fast! Three different film crews have traipsed through my garden and the big red barn. Cameras they don’t really bother me; but keeping the big red barn presentable in the middle of canning season has been a challenge!

Just so we are clear, there ain’t no cleaning crews; it’s me and “The Charlie.”

Stirring it up for a new statewide was a fun shoot.

I’m not sure what I am allowed to say about the first crew on the scene. They were looking for a story about local. Local hillbilly style….needless to say I fit the bill. The piece will be a feature in a magazine style show. The pace was easy going and upbeat. There were a few shots in the garden; but mostly we cooked and giggled. It was a fun adventure!

Cathy and me in her urban garden sniffing melons for the TV crew

The second crew, oh my. These folks were serious. I mean serious. Don’t ask me how many times they asked Cathy and me to smell the melons before they decided we got it right. (Cathy says seven times!) Here’s the video link from KET.

You ever tried to smell a melon with a film crew focusing on your every sniff? It gets weird; bizarre really. I owe Cathy “Mother of a Hubbard” big time! Giggles

Pointy Toed Shoes Sisters at The Blue Raven

Crew two filmed for two days following me around on what is a normal production day; research, interview, review tapes, write for the newspaper, blog, photograph, garden with Jake, cook with Charlie, and hang with the local chef and the Pointy Toed Shoes Sisters. It wore them out.

I am a better person for it; but I get hives just thinking about being under the microscope for so long.

I wish I could hide under the quilts for a week – but no. I am a responsible adult. Sigh.
Pike TV Crew August 2012 Friends Drift Inn The Heirloom Garden

The third crew was the Pike TV “home team.” They know I am crazy and they do not care. Al, Eric, Ronnie, and “Rebecca the Intern” make my TV show come together in the most amazing ways.They “get it” and “share the giggles” each and every month – shaking their heads when I screw up but always laughing with me. We want a good show but we keep it “real.”

This month’s Friends Drift Inn show was filmed down in the garden right after a hailstorm and a Noah rain. You can hear my boots sloshing through three inches of puddles as I walk through the corn patch. My shirt looks like it’s stained with grease spots but it is the splatters of rain. If you have half an hour, this is perhaps my favorite episode so far. Video link.

The layered Cornbread Salad got mixed up…so it was not layered. I died laughing when the salad bowl slid off the table spilling onto the grass with a big splat! I spilled my basil infused drink. We lost the flippers for the burgers. I still do not know where my Bourbon Barrel Foods smoked paprika went to.

Friends Drift Inn Joyce Pinson and Herbie Deskins August 2012

My guest Herbie Deskins never missed a beat during all the chaos.Years of lawyering comes in handy. He grilled. I talked. We giggled – no check that. We laughed until our sides hurt.

I cannot begin to thank Charlie enough for putting up with all the disruptions to our daily life.

Honey let me tell you this television stuff is all about the glamour!

Think I will go mess up the kitchen. Ain’t no film crews scheduled for two weeks! Giggles

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Joyce Friend Pinson is a regional farm-to-table columnist for the Appalachian-News Express. She is a local television host. Her column show and blog, Friends Drift Inn, explores food, gardening, and real life farm-to-table stories from the perspective of a baby boomer in Appalachia. Joyce has a background in agriculture, media, and small business. Joyce is an heirloom gardening addict and home canner. She has a penchant for big hats, pointy toed shoes, and bourbon. Along with her husband Charlie, Joyce really does live in a barn where they ballroom dance. And laugh. And cook. And giggle.