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2012 Friends Drift Inn Second Anniversary Message

2012 Friends Drift Inn Year Two

What does it mean to be a food writer in Appalachia? How can food bridge the gaps between rural and urban? Will there come a time when people will quit asking “What’s wrong with Appalachia?” asking instead “What can we do to make Appalachia better?”

For the last two years, I have pursued an encore career as a farm-to-table writer. I do not have all the answers but I am on a quest to quilt together Appalachia’s past and present from the garden to the supper table. It is a journey to go beyond the mountains to reclaim what is ours; and an archeological adventure digging right here at home to rediscover what we have forgotten.

Friends Drift Inn started as a blog. One month later, I found myself writing feature articles for the Appalachian News Express. Fourteen months in, and I began hosting a local television show. It is not the path I chose, it is the path that has chosen me.

It seems very surreal to be celebrating a second anniversary! So much has happened; yet there is so much more to do.

In the first year, I was fortunate enough to interview Appalachian native, Chef Sean Brock. When Sean said, “I’m so proud of where I come from it hurts” it was as if someone had finally given me permission to speak; permission to set at the table; permission to celebrate mountain life.

Two years later the celebration is still going on. Cushaws, honeybees, autumn olives, chefs, farmers, conferences, gardening, writing, filming, cooking, travelling with The Pointy Toed Shoes Sisters and living real life in the big red barn with Charlie; 2012 has been quite a year.

What I have come to understand is that no matter where you are from, no matter how you live, food is the tie that binds us and it should be a celebration!

Thanks for sharing this twenty four month journey. I will be dancing, cooking, gardening, and giggling, and of course chasing chefs with the Pointy Toed Shoes Sisters in 2013. Hope you will join the fun.

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Happy New Year from Kentucky’s Appalachia!

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About Joyce Pinson

Joyce Friend Pinson is a regional farm-to-table columnist for the Appalachian-News Express. She is a local television host. Her column show and blog, Friends Drift Inn, explores food, gardening, and real life farm-to-table stories from the perspective of a baby boomer in Appalachia. Joyce has a background in agriculture, media, and small business. Joyce is an heirloom gardening addict and home canner. She has a penchant for big hats, pointy toed shoes, and bourbon. Along with her husband Charlie, Joyce really does live in a barn where they ballroom dance. And laugh. And cook. And giggle.