Incredible Food Show #IFS2011 Part II Cookbook Authors and Vendors

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Incredible Food Show 2011 #IFS2011 Part 2 Authors and Vendors

Kentucky Proud Authors and Vendors
Including The Voltaggio Brothers

Go here for Part 1 featuring The Chefs.   The Incredible Food Show was rocking this past weekend. Between Jerry my editor, Rhoda and I we took over 1000 photos. I wish I could show them all. Here’s a look at some of the folks you have seen here at Friends Drift Inn…or will be seeing more of in upcoming posts. Enjoy Kentucky Proud!

Good Shepherd Cheese Incredible Food Show 2011

Afternoon seminars included a Heritage Meats presentation, Basics of Home Brewing, How to make Jelly without Pectin, and a Culinary Seminar “Sheep Cheese: Kentucky’s most EWE-nique Dairy” presented by Sanford and Colleen Dotson of Good Shepherd Cheese. Sheep Cheese? Why YES…and slice me more please!

A Whirlwind Glimpse The Authors

Volt Ink Recipes Stories Brothers Bryan Voltaggio and Michael Voltaggio Cookbook I reviewed their unusualVolt Ink Cookbook a few days after the show.

Stars of the Show were Bravo’s Top Chef’s The Voltaggio Brothers, Michael and Bryan. Their new book VOLT ink.: Recipes, Stories, Brothers was unveiled in a very limited number of copies at the Food Show. More about the Voltaggio Brothers Volt Ink Recipes Stories Brothers Bryan Voltaggio and Michael Voltaggio review,  Backstage with The Voltaggio Brothers Volt Ink and  Bryan and Michael The Interview are featured here.

Maggie Green "The Kentucky Fresh Cookbook"
I missed my friend, Maggie Green’s book signing of
The Kentucky Fresh Cookbook but you can read about her here. Maggie’s Cookbook is an excellent resource, and I enjoy her writing style!

Schmid Master Chef with his Kentucky Bourbon Cookbook

Unfortunately, I missed chef Albert Schmid author of The Kentucky Bourbon Cookbook, too. It goes without saying I have his book, and I love tinkering with bourbon in all kinds of recipes!

The Vendors

Stuarto's Olive Oil and Salts Incredible Food Show 2011

Rhoda and I stopped by Stuartos Olive Oil booth. Stuartos offers an amazing variety of flavored olive oils and salts. We had been by the shop a few weeks before and have been playing with a few of the products. Rhoda is an olive oil fan….and for once it was me saying “Hey we have an interview…let’s step it up.” Giggles

Bourbon Barrel Foods Annie with owner Matt Jamie Incredible Food Show 2011

Bourbon Barrel Foods was one of my favorite booths at the show. Annie and I share many giggles. Owner Matt Jamie has created big buzz in the food world….especially among chefs. His fans include John Currance, Sean Brock, Edward Lee and the Food Networks Sara Moulton and Rachel Ray. His company, based in Louisville, produces spices, sugars, and sauces all infused with the essence of repurposed bourbon barrels. I’m a big fan of the bourbon smoked paprika for pimento cheese. And let me tell you if you do not know the joys of baking with sorghum…you better bring yourself up to speed. Bourbon Barrel Foods will be slammed by the holidays….order now so you won’t be disappointed.

Tammy Horn Coal Country Beeworks Incredible Food Show 2011

Our last stop was my friend, my sister, my hero…..Tammy Horn. Tammy has written two books Bees in America: How the Honey Bee Shaped a Nation and    Beeconomy: What Women and Bees Can Teach Us about Local Trade and the Global Market. She heads up the Coal Country Beeworks project something very near and dear to my heart. Tammy’s twist on a tradition Kentucky dessert pie with honey is one of the best ever!

Pointy Toed shoes Me and Theresa Incredible Food Show 2011

Winding up the day, we hooked up with Theresa Stanley, chef Ashby’s Public Relations person….who like myself favors pointy toed shoes and bourbon. We joined my editor and the lovely Barbara for dinner across the street at Bigg Blue Martini.

The Kentucky Proud Incredible Food was a good day to be in Lexington…..and a good day to be a foodie.

Disclaimer Rhoda and I paid full admission price to attend The Incredible Food Show. At the time of this writing I am not compensated for any of the links above…excluding links to Amazon for which I recieve a very small compensation.

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