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Nick Jamerson of Sundy Best Kentucky Artist to Watch!

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Sundy Best and Bourbon Heritage Month

“Kentucky Women”
They Aint going home to Momma til they drink all their Moonshine
Nick Jamerson

It’s Bourbon Heritage Month If you regularly read this blog, you know I will talk about bourbon at the drop of my hat. Bourbon, it’s something I cut my teeth on. (A little bourbon on the gums of a teething baby soothes the pain)

Reflecting on my own bourbon heritage, I can make ties to the Shawhan family, one of the earliest distillers in Kentucky.

I grew up with stories of Prohibition, when certain members of the family were “ridge runners” with nefarious ties to Newport’s “Sin City” past.
Bourbon Balls Recipe made with Cookie Crumbs

As a kid, I do not remember any hard liquor in our home, except for the lone bottle of Heaven Hill that came out every holiday season for the mandatory making of Cookie Crumb Bourbon Balls Recipe

College brought freedom, and at that time the most prestigious bourbon served at fraternity parties was Makers Mark. Makers, a sweet bourbon with notes of vanilla, is still one of my favorites….now more for cooking than sipping….but even in the kitchen there’s time for a nip or two.

Moonshine…Mother of Bourbon, White Dog, White Lightning!

Falling in love with a mountain boy brought me to Appalachia. I had my first introduction to moonshine, mother of bourbon.

As my bourbon palate becomes more refined, I find myself collecting bottles. I am amazed by the differences between brands, batches, and blends. It is a constant learning process. When folks come calling at the barn, we enjoy sharing bourbon tasting….a virtual tour of Kentucky’s Bourbon Trail.

Azur Restaurant and Patio Cocktails!

If you are wondering what all this has to do with “Sundy Best” I am getting around to it. The term “Sunday Best” means putting on your best clothes, laying out your best china, and putting your best foot forward. In Lexington, “Sundy Best” is a musical group making waves at a bar called “Redmons”. The singer songwriter is Nick Jamerson, a mountain boy who has been to a the big red barn a time or two.

Nick, lead singer songwriter of “Sundy Best” has a way with words. It’s Nick’s words, through his original music, that lifted me out of blue funk this week. Nick played football at Pikeville College, now University of Pikeville. The last time he visited the barn, his karoke version of Journey’s “Lights” sent chills down my spine.

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