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This is Part III of a four part series on Kentucky Bourbon in celebration of Kentucky Derby Week. Part One Bourbon Part I Three “Sure Bets” for KY Derby served as an introduction to newbies. Part II Four New Bourbons for Thrill Seekers offers descriptors for new bourbon releases, a guest post by Jason of Sour Mash Manifesto. We are thrilled to have a contribution from Trudy Thomas of The Camelback Inn

Joyce’s Thoughts on Women and Bourbon

I do not know if you noticed, but Bourbon is cool again.…and women are latching onto the Kentucky potion in record numbers. They use it to sip, they use it to cook, they mix it in cocktails and share it with friends.

Down in the Kentucky Derby City, Louisville, there’s a new consumer group making some waves. “Bourbon Women” founded by Peggy Noe Stevens with this mission

Bourbon Women is designed exclusively for educational, networking and charitable purposes.

Bourbon Women strives to preserve the heritage that surrounds the making and responsible enjoyment of America’s only native spirit.

I get very emotional about bourbon. On twitter I joke frequently about my bourbon drinking, but actually I just sip. Bourbon is not something you gulp, but something you slowly savor. There is a myriad of flavors, each brand having a special uniqueness.

Trudy Thomas first caught my attention when I was researching the women and bourbon phenom. I’m not a regular reader of “Esquire”, but the article featuring her was a top goggle search.

Trudy is a Kentucky native, who works in the Southwest. Employed by the Camelback Inn Scottsdale, as Director of Beverages. The woman gets a little homesick about now. She shared these comments about her passion of bourbon sipping, and her determination to bring ladies to the party as she was on a flight home for Kentucky Derby.

Trudy Thomas on Kentucky Bourbon In Her Own Words

Trudy Thomas of Camelback Inn KY Bourbon Girl

Definitely I am a Kentucky girl but more importantly I am a Bourbon Girl. Yes women drink bourbon in KY so as part of my mission to “convert the world to bourbon one at a time” I have been introducing women to bourbon in hope they will begin to enjoy its richness of flavor and long tradition.

As I return home to KY this weekend, I am anticipating the first Mint Julep trackside it’s icy coldness and fragrant mint the tickles the senses followed by the rich flavor of bourbon which warms the soul. I enjoy creating versions of the traditional Julep using fresh chits and savory herbs then blending them with a bourbon from our collection. Juleps really speak of spring to me.

From Manhattans   to Old Fashions even bourbon on the rocks, there is a great heritage found inside each bottle and multitude of flavors in each sip, there really is no greater cocktails for this KY girl than bourbon! I anxiously look forward to this weekend and my first glass!

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