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Chef Joel Worth

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Friends Drift Inn Episode 10 January 2013 Joyce with Chef Joel Worth

Guest Chef Joel Worth January 2013 Friends Drift Inn

Just a reality check; I am not Martha Stewart with an army of assistants. Even though Friends Drift Inn Television is a very small local show, it takes work. We film in my kitchen at the big red barn. We are about ten miles from town, so if we miss purchasing an ingredient we roll without it. Well usually. Sometimes I beg the crew to stop and buy mushrooms. Yeah, it was that kind of a day! Giggles

My Prop Mistress, Keeper of the Lipstick, and Pointy Toed Shoes Sister Deanna was ill for this shoot; thankfully Rebecca came to the rescue. Before Joel arrived, we polished bowls and utensils, washed the vegetables, and organized the props for each segment.

Chef Joel Worth strolled in early. He calls it “Lombardi Time” referring to the coach, who preferred his team take the field a few minutes early. Joel, Mother of a Hubbard Suzanne and I had spent the last few days in Lexington at the Kentucky Fruit and Vegetable Conference. Fresh vegetables were on our minds. We are ready to push the winter doldrums behind us and get in the garden! Giggles

I tried to fix Chef Joel's shock wasn't happening!  Giggles

Joel took charge of the last minute preparations. He chopped. He minced.

Rebecca filled in, while I smeared on make-up and tried to do something with my hair. I attempted to do something with that shock of hair Chef Joel sports. It is what it is! Giggles

Before the crew arrived, we walked through the main segment, making sure all essentials were in place. Before we knew it, the crew was in the barn. Al, Eric, and Ronnie are the guys that make the magic happen. Lights, camera and sound; then comes the action.

Chef Joel came to Kentucky when his wife accepted a position with the University of Pikeville. In Savannah, he had his own restaurant featuring Low Country seafood. Prior to that, he was a chef in Atlantic City. Trained as a saucier, that’s chef talk for the cook who makes the stocks and sauces, Joel is all about creating a strong foundation to layer flavors. His recipe did not disappoint. I had to hide a portion for Charlie before the crew descended on our Italian inspired feast!

Italian food on an Appalachian themed farm-to-table show? Well yes! Italians immigrated to Appalachia in the 1900’s to work for the railroad and the coal mines. Many were stone masons, true artisans whose legacy can be seen at Pine Mountain Settlement School, and along the streets of Hazard and Lynch. Up and down the creek, there are seed savers who have “Old Country” tomato seeds said to come from the Italian coast.

This month’s episode features an antipasto platter, Mediterranean inspired pasta entrée,   and homemade lemon soda.

Have you eat yet? Giggles

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