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Abingdon Farmers Market Virginia

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Abingdon Farmers Market “Always Fresh, Always Local”

I am a planner. I travel, hating the travel, loving the destinations. I do not jump in the car and just “go.” That does not work for me. I’m weird like that.

That’s what is so funny about this story. Down here in Kentucky’s Appalachia, we are besotted.

No! Not with bourbon; with rain. Rain is a blessing. I know so many farmers are truly suffering. But the garden is so muddy; we have not been able to do proper weeding.

So in an uncharacteristically spontaneous moment, I declared a holiday heading off to Abingdon, Virginia a two hour trip from the barn. Tom and Rhoda hopped on their Harleys and Charlie and I followed with the car. It was a beautiful morning to be in the mountains. We arrived in Abingdon with the market in full swing.

The Abindgon Farmers Market is a wonderment; with over 50 vendors there is something for everyone! There’s even live music! Get there early – the place is hopping and vendors sell out quickly. The hours on Saturday are 7 AM until noon.

Abingdon Virginia's Farmers Market offers many value added products

I was particuliarly excited to see fresh flowers, local yarn wool, and the most fragrant and eye-catching soaps. Rhoda was thrilled to find wild blackberries; I tell you that girl can never get enough blackberries! Giggles There were vendors offering herbs, honey, baked goods, and even lavender tea!

Abingdon Farmers Market heirloom beans White Half Runners and Pink Tipped Half runners

Abingdon is Chef Sean Brock’s old stomping grounds and you can bet there were many Appalachian heirloom vegetables on hand. Brock would be disappointed I did not find White Hasting Beans; but here were plenty of White Half Runners and an strain I had never seen “in real life” Pink Tipped Half Runners. I do not know if Brock ever prepared those beans when he was working at Abingdon’s Starving Artist Cafe, but I would lay odds on it. Giggles

Needless to say we bought heirloom beans! Charlie and Tom shook their heads in mock surprise as Rhoda and I loaded up on salt rising bread, blackberries, peaches, apple butter, soap, and herbs.

Peaches at Abingdon Farmers Market

We stashed our goodies in the back of Charlie’s car. Well most of the goodies. Rhoda and I ate peaches sitting on the bikes while the boys discussed our dining options. Turns out House on Main is just a block away from the Farmers Market. There’s a up and coming chef there, Nathan T. Breeding. But that’s another post. Giggles!

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