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The Bourbon Boys and
The Pointy Toed Shoes Sisters in Louisville KY

“The Bourbon Boys,” that’s what Garden and Gun calls them. They are the brains behind “The Bourbon Review” magazine. They are young. They are cute in a rugged sort of way. They are preppie, these Delta Tau Delta alumni, real life brothers Seth and Justin Thompson.

I got a message on facebook from Justin. “You ARE coming aren’t you?”

What could Bourbon Boys possibly want with Pointy Toed Shoes Sisters? The message was cryptic; the official invitation even more so.

You Bourbon Boys want me to travel four hours to Louisville, and won’t even tell details? Sigh. Did I mention I’ve been busy canning and my fingernails are stained with blackberry juice?

What’s Up?

Bourbon Cocktails served up at the Bourbon Classic kick-off media event

The Bourbon Boys were not talking. “You have got to be here!” was all I could wrangle from the facebook exchange.

I called my Louisville connections. I got the same answer, “You have got to be here.”

Bourbon? You know I love it! Giggles I got a manicure and called the sisterhood. In record time, Tracy and I were off to Louisville with too much luggage and several pairs of pointy toed shoes.

Hold onto your hat Louisville!

Get ready for Louisville's Bourbon Classic Weekend Coming in March 2013!

The official media event was held in the atrium of the Kentucky Center for the Arts, in the heart of downtown. We walked from the hotel, our pointy toed high heels clipping across the city sidewalks.

At sign in, we were greeted and presented with a swag bag of Bourbon Barrel Foods products. You know, Matt Jamie. I might have mentioned him a time or two.

We were a little early, so Tracy and I took a seat in the back of the room to go over the press release. Described as “a weekend event exploring the best of the best” the bourbon lover’s dream event is coming to Louisville March 22 and 23 of 2013. The event promises a world-class cocktail competition, a session with Master Distillers, a Bourbon University seminar, exhibits, and tastings.

I looked up to see 610 Magnolia’s Chef Edward Lee sauntering in, going immediately to the serving tables to mix up a shrimp panzanella. Down here in the mountains we call it cornbread salad; but that’s another post.

Ed is a bit of a prankster, and was not too cooperative when I started photographing. I just kept on snapping.

He pretty much ignores the camera and continues his preparations.

Shrugging, I meandered over to visit with Justin and Seth. It is always fun to meet people “for real” after conversing on facebook. The kids were engaging, fun, and ever so southern gentlemen polite when talking to “their elders” the Pointy Toed Shoes Sisters. Sigh Yes, sometimes I feel a little old. LOL

Chef Edward Lee at Bourbon Classic Media Event with a dazzling smile! Giggles

Minutes later, Chef Ed motioned to me. “When did you get here? What’s going on? How’s the cushaws coming?”

I giggled. “Hey Ed, I’ve been trying to get photos of you for the last five minutes.”

“That was you? All I saw was camera” he replied. We both laughed.

Cocktail Culture and The Bourbon Classic

FSA Management folks took the podium right on cue. He talked about the Bourbon Classic concept and introduced Seth Thompson. Seth fleshed out some of the details, but left a bit of mystery about who some of the “star” attractions might be. It is the hope of the organizers the event will attract Bourbon Connoisseurs who “value the legacy, quality, and prestige” of bourbon, as well as Bourbon Enthusiasts who are discovering “bourbon as the hip liquor of choice.”

Seth introduced Lee and a Larry Rice from Louisville’s Silver Dollar.

Guests were left to mingle, sampling several bourbon cocktails and Chef Lee’s panzanella.

Jokes on me the photographer.  Matt Jamie and Chef Edward Lee Bourbon Classic Media Event

I tried to get some really good photos; you know pictures where chefs and food celebrities actually cooperate!

Bourbon Classic Louisville Media Event Tracy and Chef Edward Lee

Chef Ed did manage a smile with Pointy Toed Shoe Sister, Ms. Tracy. It made her day and I shall never hear the end of it! Giggles

I could tell you about my interview with the Silver Dollar mixologist and why he calls me “cousin.” I could tell you about fabulous bourbon cocktails and a little lady that knows how to shake them. I could tell you about what happened after the party wound down. I could tell you about our other Louisville adventures. I could; but I won’t – not yet anyway. (Update Nov 2012 Here’s the Link to the stories of Larry Rice, co-owner and Cocktail Wizard at Louisville’s Silver Dollar)

I got a newspaper story to file, and there’s a magazine feature to write.

Cheers to you Bourbon Boys; glad we made the trip! Giggles

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Nov 2012 Link to Larry Rice and The Silver Dollar

Disclaimer: This was a public relations event for The Bourbon Classic. We did not pay for our cocktails or eats. I did pay travel costs including meals and hotel charges and I gladly pay for my subscription to The Bourbon Review! Giggles

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