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Green-Striped Cushaw Crookneck Winter Squash in Rocking Chair

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Ancient Squash in Your Garden – Cushaws Rock!

It’s funny, how I take some things for granted.For instance, Green-Striped Cushaw. A fall staple at Grandpa’s market stand, I can remember lugging the squashes around when I wasn’t much bigger than they were.

It’s fair to say, the search for Green Striped Cushaw seed launched this blog. How could something so ancient, suddenly disappear from seed catalogs?

Are we loosing our food heritage?

Slow Food’s Ark of Taste has Green-Striped Cushaw on its list. Usually reserved for endangered varieties, Cushaw is in the lineup to reignite interest.

What’s Green-Striped Cushaw Good For?

I’m glad you asked! Mark Sohn wrote in Appalachian Home Cooking: History Culture and Recipes:

“For the first course, serve cushaw soup along with cushaw bread and pear honey. Follow this with a main course of savory cushaw pie and a cushaw cavity filled with tender chicken goulash. For dessert, serve cushaw cake topped with a scoop of vanilla ice cream and creamy caramel bourbon sauce.”

Need I say more?

Planning for Return of the Green Striped Cushaw

Green-Striped Cushaws in the field
Classified as Cucurbita mixta, the crookneck squash requires a relatively long growing season 80 to 90 frost free days. Long season cucurbits are often referred to as “Winter Squash.”

Don’t let that phrase confuse you. Winter Squash are planted in late spring, and are usually hard fleshed making them perfect for winter storage.

For gardeners plagued by squash vine borers, cushaws are a great alternative to pumpkins because of its pest resistance.

If you have plenty of room for vines to sprawl, grow some Green-Striped Cushaws this year.

Frankly, I cannot imagine my garden without them!

Seed Sources and Links of Interest

Baker Creek Seeds and Southern Exposure Seed Exchange has Green Striped Cushaw seed in their 2011 listings. At the time of this writing I am not compensated for these links.
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Mark Sohn’s book Appalachian Home Cooking: History, Culture, and Recipes is available through Amazon.

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