Appalachian Heirloom Gardening July 2012 UPDATES

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Appalachian Heirloom Gardening Update July 2012

Boots, Beans and Varmints

The early tomatoes are just starting to ripen. he first red tomato of the season is always so juicy and flavorful; best shared with my Charlie “The Reluctant Farmer. Our garden is lush and glorious this year; so wet in fact that we have been wearing boots through the mud. If I forget to change from high heels to boots, I am quickly reminded as the mud pulls my shoes down into the mire.

So far this season, we have harvested:

  • Yellow Straightneck Summer Squash
  • White Patty Pan Squash
  • Pickling Cucumbers
  • Jimmy Nardello Italian Peppers

Appalachian Heirloom Beans Greasy Grit Pole Beans and Kentucky Wonders Pole Beans

Our dent corn, Truckers Delight, is reaching for the sky. It supports Kentucky Wonder Pole Beans which are just starting to set. Our other pole beans, Greasy Grits and Rattlesnakes are still running up the tepees. I expect them to produce later in the fall.

Green Striped Cushaw Update July 30

Completing a “Three Sisters Planting” the cushaws are about to take over the Truckers Delight Corn and Kentucky Wonder Pole Beans. It is a challenge to shoot photos right now; I am trying not to damage vines and stalks.

Varmint tracks next to damaged corn

I cannot say the same for a yet underdetermined varmint. Can you identify this track and damage? I thought it was what my friend Robin calls a “Ratcoon” but the footprint does not match.

Okra Bloom

Our okra is starting to bloom. If you have ever grown okra, you know it is a crop that can “almost” be picked twice a day it grows so fast. I love making okra pickles and look forward to the process. There’s raspberries and melons too. Giggles

I’ve got a couple of TV Shoots coming up in the garden. It will be about 3 weeks before I can share them, but come on back you hear? Oh, and bring boots! Giggles

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