What Makes Me Happy on Cold Winter Days?

Friends Drift Inn Farm – Gardening

Stack of new seed cataloges

Seed Catalogs! Dreams of Gardening

Please don’t ask me to come skiing. You snow bunnies ain’t right.

I’ll sit by the fire, nestled with a frayed crocheted afghan studying seed catalogs.

No downhill slalom for me!

I am a hot house flower. (Or is that the hot flashes talking?)

Sometimes I think I do my best gardening in January.

What’s it going to be this year?

Charlie always cringes when the seed catalogs start coming in.

I consult my online gardening buds.

I repeat strange Latin names like some Wizard’s apprentice.

I’ll take weeks mulling over varieties of seeds. I spend hours researching.

Charlie says I’m wearing out my bifocals. Is that possible?

I’m a practical woman, and select mostly varieties we know and love.

But then, there is the “kicks and giggles” factor.

Last year, it was Chineese Red Noodle beans and a fancy French pumpkin.

This year, I’ve picked some real doozies.

Charlie, The Reluctant Gardener sighs heavily. But come this summer, he will be just as tickled to see the oddities that grow in our Friends Drift Inn garden as I am. Stick around for the growing!

Why I choose Heirloom Vegetables

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