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Amaretta Peach Butter Recipe

Amaretto by Morning?

You know I am all about local, but local can only take you so far when you live out in the hills. That’s why I am not ashamed to tell you, Charlie brought back some Georgia peaches plucked from the branches just as he was arriving at the orchard stand. You know I had the canner boiling, before he had the fresh peaches parked on the kitchen table.

Fresh Peaches on the Tree

Peachy! I feel all fuzzy inside

I love Georgia peaches! Fuzzy, sunrise colored balls of sweet yellow flesh, fresh peaches that ooze juice down your chin are part of sensual summers in the South. I like softer peaches, I think they are more flavorful and seem to absorb flavors better than the “non-melting” varieties. That’s just me. I am no big city food critic.

We make several different kinds of fruit butters each season. Peach butter flavored with Amaretto is one of our favorites; the pantry wonders where it goes so fast! Giggles

A richness that makes your taste buds sit up and notice; even in the early morning hours before the coffee has had time to perk is what makes this Amaretto Peach Butter Recipe out of the ordinary.

Amaretto Peach Butter is wonderful on zucchini bread; but don’t stop there! We use peach butter as a glaze for chicken breasts, and as a fruity filling between layers of spice cake. Like apple butter, Amaretto Peach Butter is a terrific filling for hand pies!

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