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Charleston SC Farmers Market
3 Pointy Toed Shoes Sisters – 3 Days in Charleston

Breakfast was late Saturday morning. We were late too. We wanted to do a walking tour of Charleston, and time was slipping by.

I rushed my companions, who were none too happy about making a trip through the Charleston Farmers Market; a quick walk from the Fulton Lane Inn. I just wanted to grab a few photos, and promised I would move with lightening speed….allowing plenty of time to meet up with a walking tour.

Thackeray Farms Kenneth Melton Charleston SC Wadmalaw Island
I moved quickly. Snap. Here’s the Thackeray Farms Charleston SC Wadmalaw Island Farmers. Snap.

Here are Organic Gardening Supply guys who sell worm castings. For you who don’t know, worm castings are what is produced after the worm eats and is done with it. It’s profits on the back-end if you will. Worm Casting are like black gold to gardeners, not only nutrient rich…but providing earthworm eggs. Earthworms help work the soil. These folks pick up spent produce from local groceries to feed their little friends. How cool is that?

Charleston Farmers Market OGS Worm Castings

Here’s a clever sign…Chickens, the bridge, and the moon. Snap!

Charleston Farmers Market Chucktown Chicken

There was so much to see! Peanuts, I had my FIRST EVER fresh boiled peanuts. I’m growing peanuts this year so that gives me some idea…giggles! There were flowers, okra, peaches and watermelons. Oh….Charleston is so far ahead of our growing season! Farmer Ken at Thackeray Farms told me they plant melons twice during the season….can you imagine?

Collage of products at the Charleston Farmers Market

Rhoda with shawl Crafts at Charleston Farmers Market

I ran through, missing many vendors….trying to please my friends who were going at their own pace. Rhoda got bogged down with some fancy shawl wraps. Madonna went crazy over some artsy vintage windows with grass in between them…..don’t ask. he has a thing about windows.

So I am sitting on a bench at the entry….waiting patiently. Patiently…..not so patiently.

We missed the walking tour…but it wasn’t my fault. Blame it on the girls who didn’t want to go to the farmers market….but sure seemed to have a good time! Giggles

And then our merry little band took a rickshaw down the carriage rides and The Market.

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Farmers Market First

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